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Frederick Peters holds a Ph. D. in Political Science awarded by York University and writes on urban infrastructure building in the 21st century. He is a Research Fellow at the City Institute at York University in Toronto, and through it, has solid relationships with academic institutions across Ontario and Europe. Frederick thinks laterally and thrives on collaborations across boundaries, with a life-long focus on human as well as ecological health.

The Sector, Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with Sinzer


The Sector is growing its capacities as a social innovation and resource development consultancy, specializing in aligning priorities of cross-sector teams, to unlock new capital and resources. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Amsterdam, NL based Sinzer ( to add their robust evaluation and measurement protocols to our capacity and our in-depth service offering, dynamic research, client and community consultation and collaboration.

We scale organizations that will change the world. We are ourselves scaling to add a technology-based robust series of evaluation tools to our tool box with Sinzer. Our methods use collective impact-framed business planning, relationship brokering, deal structuring, social finance and impact investing, and we have added serious bench strength to issues of monitoring and evaluation. We understand local communities are embedded in an international economy defined beyond the rubrics of public, private or not-for-profit sectors.

Sinzer shares with The Sector a strong belief in a world where organizations strive to improve their social impact as much as their bottom line. In order to do so, organizations need to treat social impact measurement as seriously as financial management.

Sinzer is the solution for social impact management. Together with Sinzer, we design, facilitate, and manage toward continuous improvement, collaborations that allow local, municipal and regional governments to partner with civil society, corporations, impact investors, and high impact not-for-profit organizations, in Ontario and around the globe.

Whether you are a public authority, social enterprise, investor/funder, non-profit or corporate, measuring, monitoring and managing your social impact with Sinzer helps you to make better decisions, improve your impact and enables you to be accountable to stakeholders.

  • Impact Management – Sinzer and The Sector help right from the very start in terms of choosing a framework and determining your scope to drafting the theory of change, impact ambition, collecting and analysing data
  • Strategic Advice – Sinzer and The Sector provide guidance on how to turn your data into actions and policies
  •  Expertise – The Sinzer- Sector partnership can provide support to the team who will be using Sinzer to quickly adopt the software to make it user friendly as quickly as possible.
  •  Partner Support – available to help as little or as much as needed.


New book out: Local Places, Global Processes: Histories of Environmental Change in Britain and Beyond [Paperback]

There is a fascinating new book by great colleagues out fresh. It’s called Local Places, Global Processes: Histories of Environmental Change in Britain and Beyond.
Peter Coates (Editor); David Moon (Editor); Paul Warde (Editor)

First got to know this crew through the European Society for Environmental History conferences in Finland and Netherlands.

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