The Business Case for Doing Good

HaleighUtilizing a Collective Impact model, The Sector works with clients who understand the importance of rallying behind a common agenda in order to provide solutions to broad range of dynamic problems that plague our world.

The Sector and our clients believe that there is a business case to be made for doing good, making money and creating impact.

Our Collective Impact Model goes beyond traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches and further develops a business case for social impact. While the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights sheds light on the advantages of putting the rights of individuals first, a Collective Impact approach brings the appropriate stakeholders to the table in an effort to develop a tangible solution.

One of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of working on The Sector team is collaborating with clients who understand that global problems cannot be ignored as they relate to society, economics and politics. Our clients understand how investing in local economies creates economic prosperity, diminishes environmental degradation and creates sustained impact over time. No longer is it acceptable for companies to just believe in global solutions, companies are increasingly being held accountable to demonstrate how they are “doing good” and making money.

In 2017, global problems cannot be ignored. Rather than sit back and assume that others will implement change, The Sector is working with clients who are taking it upon themselves to foster long-term solutions and developing social impact models while generating funds to scale their organization.


Haleigh King, Senior Consultant

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