Featured Social Financier: RBC Generator

The RBC Generator is a $10-million pool of capital for investment in businesses that tackle social and environmental challenges, while generating a financial return.

What They’re Investing In

The RBC Generator aims to generate market, or near-market, returns by investing in Canadian for-profit businesses and third-party funds tackling social or environmental challenges. Investment opportunities will be evaluated based on their potential to deliver long-term financial return, as well as benefits in at least one of our four strategic areas.

Global demand for energy continues to grow, while rising greenhouse gas emissions risk destabilizing our climate. Innovative, energy efficient solutions are needed to drive down costs and reduce environmental impacts.

How They Invest

The RBC Generator makes debt and equity investments from $100,000 to $1 million through a flexible range of structures. They will also consider follow-up investments for organizations with proven scalability that require additional financing.

RBC is looking for organizations with unique business models and third-party funds that drive economic growth while helping to create a more sustainable future. Our goal is to provide organizations with early-stage financing to help them to build success and attract commercial financing in the future.

Investee Support

They want our investees to reach their maximum potential, and will provide them with appropriate support to meet their business and community goals.

  • Legal support
  • We will help investees establish affordable relationships with external legal counsel.
  • Financial advice and mentoring
  • Investees have access to a network of RBC advisors offering expert financial advice. We will also invite investees and prospects to take part in networking opportunities with successful businesses and investors.
  • Skills for running a high-growth company
  • Investees will have the opportunity to participate in accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs.

Impact Metrics

The impact of an investee organization should be quantifiable and reportable. RBC will work with successful investees to measure community impact. In addition to regular financial reporting, all investees must report on the impact their business is making, or will make, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Reduction in energy use
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas or other emissions
  • Improvement in water quality
  • Reduction in water use
  • Change in number of people employed
  • Change in value of wages and benefits paid

Bring it to Scale

They value organizations committed to scaling their operations and taking their unique approach mainstream. To succeed, investee organizations must have:

  • A strong idea, product or service combined with a unique business model
  • The right management expertise
  • The ability to attract prospective clients
  • A foundation of strong governance
  • A track record of success
  • Revenue

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