Free (Online) Consultation – COVID-19

The world is turned upside down, and it is clear that the current corona crisis is having a major social impact. This crisis is also very profound for many organizations and entrepreneurs. In times like this we need to help each other a bit. That is why we are happy to offer our time, knowledge and network in free coaching conversations (online, of course!) In the coming weeks. Do you need a sparring session or do you have a specific question about impact in general, or the impact of COVID-19 on your organization? We would like to see how we can help you with your challenge. For example, we can coach you for an hour in the field of impact management, or about the impact of COVID-19 specifically. With the latter you can think of:

What are the effects of COVID-19 on your organization?

  • What negative impact do you have to deal with, and how can you manage it ? Think of your core business (processes that are standing still, fewer activities), your people (HR matters, well-being of home owners), your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, supporters).
  • But also: Where do opportunities arise to make a positive social impact ? For example, by using the time, products or resources that have become available to make a positive contribution? What opportunities are there to reinvent your organization in the current situation?

We are happy to help you with a free (online) consultation to identify where the most important negative and potential positive impacts are for your organization, and how you can deal with them. 

In the conversation: 

  1. We make an inventory of the most important impacts for your organization,
  2. We determine where you can and want to take actions
  3. We identify potential partners and channels to support those actions, including through our own network.

Based on your situation and needs, we zoom in on the most relevant matters, looking at your organizational goals and activities, and at the people, planet and profit side.

Specifically, aspects can be discussed around finances, people, products and resources, skills and expertise, social capital, and nature and the environment.

What can you think of? 

We discuss the topics relevant to you, including:


  • Where is your biggest challenge with regard to available resources ?
  • Which emergency measures can you claim and how? For example, postponement or reduction of payment of taxes and VAT; borrowing with government guarantees.
  • How do you safeguard business continuity and crisis management ?


  • Employee health and wellness: what guidelines do you have for ensuring health? How do you communicate this to your people? How do you facilitate optimal but also safe working from home with data protection? What actions can you take to ensure the well-being and team feeling of employees?
  • HR aspects : what does the situation mean for contracts, shortening working hours, salaries, engagements?
  • Time that is released: can you use it to make a positive contribution to society?

Products and resources

    • Which physical objects and products does your organization have? Which are not used now? How else do you use it for your own organization, or to make a positive contribution to society? Consider, for example, making hotel rooms available to the homeless or using IoT and VR glasses for isolated elderly people.

Skills and expertise

      • What knowledge and expertise does your organization have? How do you use it to make a positive impact? Can you contribute something to other organizations or society?
      • How do you use the time available to increase skills and expertise?
      • Think of: development of new products and services, training for employees.

Social and relationships

      • What social activities does your organization normally undertake that are now stalling? For example, offering internships and workplaces for people at a distance from the labor market , volunteering , or programs aimed at participation, health and talent development . In what alternative ways can you still create an impact during this crisis?
      • How can you mobilize your network or join forces with partners to make a positive difference?
      • How do you ensure a good communication strategy with your stakeholders?

Nature and environment

      • What natural resources does your organization normally use (such as land, water, ecosystem services)? What is the effect now that you do not use it or use it less, is there a nature restoration ?
      • Can you use the current situation to devise and test a more sustainable business model ?
      • How can you use nature reserves or other resources that you have available to create positive value?

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We wish everyone good luck and courage in the near future. Together we will get through this crisis!

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