Lakshay Kumar, consulting analyst, canada


Lakshay Kumar

Lakshay Kumar has experience spanning multiple geographies, including Canada, Thailand, India and the United States. With a foundation in AI technology consulting at Info-Tech Research Group and strategic advisory with Scotiabank, Lakshay has successfully navigated projects that demanded precision, technical insight, and strategic thinking.

Throughout his career, he has excelled in developing market strategies, honing critical analytics, and enhancing decision-making processes. As a strategic associate with Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab, Lakshay authored policy briefs and conducted in-depth market research. His insights on economic disparities between North America and the Asia-Pacific region and the blockchain gaming industry’s dynamics directly contributed to a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends in the financial sector.

As an entrepreneur and founder of ‘Let’s Take Care of Them,’ a noble initiative in dog care, he’s demonstrated the ability to envision and execute projects that impact society positively. His diverse background encompasses strategy, banking, technology, and social responsibility, making him a dynamic professional with a vision for comprehensive solutions and tangible impacts.

Lakshay holds an MSc in International Business from Ivey Business School, Western University along with a Bachelor’s in Economics with Honours from Delhi University.