Sinzer launches the Impact Guide: impact-oriented work for charity organizations – NINA KOOPMAN

For charities to better support organizations impact oriented work has Sinzer in partnership with Charity Netherlands and Partos and with input from CBF and other organizations united in the Impact Challenge online Impact Guide developed. The Impact Indicator is a practical guide for charity organizations to help them better understand their impact, increase that impact and make it more visible. In short: to work more impact-oriented.

Impact-oriented work

Impact-oriented working is different from measuring impact, it is a continuous growth process in which you continue to learn and improve based on previous findings. The focus of the Impact Indicator is therefore less on ‘proving impact’ as in traditional monitoring & evaluation, but more on ‘improving impact’ within the entire organization. It is about continuous learning and improvement based on best practices and best failures. This affects your strategy, how and what data you use and your organizational culture and systems. The Impact Indicator distinguishes between four pillars in this cycle: Strategy , Monitoring and Evaluation , Learning and Reporting and Cultureand offers information per pillar at different levels, from basic principles to deepening. At each level, theoretical knowledge is linked to practical information (such as worksheets, tools, templates).

The launch of Impactwijzer by Emma Verheijke, Partner at Sinzer. Photo: Jostijn Ligtvoet ©

The Impact Indicator

The Impact Indicator shows the breadth of what is possible in terms of impact, but also provides insight into what is ‘good enough’, what is ‘impact maturity’, per organization and the phase in which that organization is different, and that growth and development is possible in this. Some organizations start out small and continue to expand; some are already further and want to deepen that even more; the point is that it is appropriate and usable and that it provides insights that increase impact. The Impact Indicator is designed in such a way that it can be used for organizations that start with impact, but also for organizations that want to further expand their impact management.

The idea is that the Impact Indicator will be further supplemented in the future with new knowledge and with case studies and from organizations in the sector. So a double invitation: take a look, and share with us your case studies that are a nice addition to this.

View the Impact Indicator at and read more about the initiative of the Impact Challenge at .

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