Sinzer & The Sector Inc Specialize in Impact Making, Impact Measurement and Impact Management.

We believe that organizations can achieve more positive change through continuous learning from impact data. That is why we work with Sinzer’s methodologies and tools to guide our customers step by step with a pragmatic and tailor-made impact management approach that suits their needs. We help organizations understand and maximize their positive impact and reduce their negative impact based on insights from data. Our team is dedicated to continuously support our clients to implement the best strategies and methods to improve their impact.

Impact Strategy

We help clients to tackle social challenges. A ‘Theory of Change (ToC)’ provides insight into how change happens. We assist organizations in developing a ToC and to create an Impact Road Map so that they can align their operational activities with their impact ambitions.

Data collection

Our consultants have extensive experience with research and data analysis and use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. We support clients in developing a monitoring- and data collection plan and provide advice in setting up a workable, simple data collection system.

Analysis and reporting

The Sector leverages Sinzer’s specialized in data analysis and impact reporting for small projects, long-term and complex programs and for entire organizations. Sinzer has been pioneers in the field of impact measurement and management since 2008. Both our teams draw from extensive experience with different types of data analysis and is up to date with the latest knowledge of research methods and reporting standards.

Impact Maximization

Data can offer all sorts of new insights. We help clients to make sense of their data and show how these insights can contribute to more positive impact. To enable continuous improvement, we support clients in setting up simple and manageable data collection systems that facilitate learning. Lastly we provide advice on how to convert this learning into concrete actions. This way your organization can have even more positive impact on society.