Sneaking on to the Subway with Holes in my Shoes

It’s peculiar to look back. I started Warwick Business School working for Save The Children Canada, hungry to change the world, yet lacking the skills to mobilize the scale to do so. Not only has my experience through the Warwick MBA brought me the confidence to add value to every situation I find myself in, in the global business and social innovation landscapes, it has brought me the greatest gift of all, knowledge to pass up, down, and all around, to like-minded change-makers.

Every time I browse past the page below and see myself as an example that my business school has chosen to stand behind, I am filled with a sense of honor and humility with can only lead to a greater hunger for learning: the learning of how to use a business education, toward playing a role in helping humanity, to realize the best version of itself.

To this effect, I would like to share a snip-it of one of an entrance essay i wrote, in making my case for acceptance, to this top ranked, international business school:

“One setback I faced, when I moved to Toronto post undergraduate degree, I worked for a company and was laid off. It was the height of the global economic recession. I lived with my sister with no money. Job searched. A mature man but newly educated, I searched for a management role, despite the mass consensus of typical cohort graduates that I was under qualified. I looked for six months. Circumstances became bleak, in the fifth month, I had to sneak on the subway daily, with soaking wet shoes, holes in the bottoms, and walk into job interviews with accomplished people and explain that I was their next rising star. I did this near fifty times. It was most difficult the fiftieth time, having forty nine attempts behind me. I prevailed. I learned to believe in myself.”

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