Warwick MBA Entrance Essay #1: Main Interests and Experiences that Influenced your Development.

Four years ago, I wrote:

“Conducting business toward a more sustainable, inclusive society is my main interest and the result of two life experiences: early exposure to entrepreneurial business and being a marginalized youth in Canada.”

“My father, an MBA educated entrepreneur, peeked my curiosity of the entrepreneurial spirit when I started working with him at the age of fifteen. I helped operate and supervise a production bay for a start-up cosmetics manufacturing company and was privy to his design and development of a large, small business incubator. However, my family was dissolving.”

“By age sixteen I was a homeless, displaced youth, outside of the educational system, and became a marginalized person myself. Planning and executing the steps back into a life position to compete for a voice in the institutionalized conversations that shape society required unconventional tactics that challenged the barriers of marginalized people, and a decade of my life. No experience bears greater influence on my career focus of improving the livelihoods of underprivileged children, as well as my volunteer involvement with The United Way of Greater Toronto.”

“The business of a more sustainable, inclusive society is part of my DNA and will always influence my professional development.”

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