The Strategic Impact Framework

The Sector Inc’s partner Sinzer has developed the Strategic Impact Framework (SIF) which is designed to be easy to use and flexible in structure. The Strategic Impact Framework allows you to create your own building blocks that represent your strategic impact pillars. Once you’ve created your building blocks you can develop a template in which you can pre-set metrics to measure the impact performance related to each strategic pillar. Important note: this framework doesn’t value impact in a currency. It can use standardized indicators (such as the IRIS indicators). Here is a detailed tutorial on creating templates!

The flexibility of the Strategic Impact Framework of Sinzer allows for many types of templates and applications. Here are some of the common applications for SIF we have seen:

Impact investors can measure (standardised) indicators for input, output and outcomes. Their custom Strategic Impact Famework allows them to structure, monitor and report their impact of their investees. Example customers for this application are impact investors Noaber Foundation and Aglaia Biomedical Ventures that have developed their own framework and are measuring their results using Sinzer. Donwload there case studies via the links.

Charities that offer services to a community can monitor the impact they are creating on a specific target audience by measuring the before- and after scores of a set of metrics. These metrics can be based on standardized questionnaires or indicators such as those published by the Global Value Exchange or on metrics that are specific to the impact goals of the charity. An example of this is the use of Sinzer as an ‘Impact and Data Management Tool’ for Aleron (a social impact consultancy firm) who are setting up this tool for a UK charity via the Impact Readiness Program.

Foundations that offer grants to many different projects can have individual projects measure the impact they are creating. The foundation can evaluate if the impact goals of the projects are aligned with the foundation’s goals and can give guidance to projects to improve their impact. An example customer is the Dutch VSB foundation.

Each of these applications requires a specific set of features. The choice of the right building blocks and community settings will determine in part the success of your endeavor. Once the template is published you can use this for each investments, projects and/or activity. With minimal effort, you can enter targets and actuals and manage the performance in a dashboard. Furthermore, you can create surveys to collect data and export data in Excel and Word!

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