Effect research into the social value of IPSO walk-in houses – A Sinzer Case

Commissioned by the Dutch Cancer Society and in collaboration with IPSO (Institutes for Psychosocial Oncology) drop-in centers, we carried out a large-scale effects study into the social value of IPSO drop-in centers at the national level. The Netherlands currently has 75 drop-in houses that are affiliated with the sector organization IPSO. Everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by cancer can go to these drop-in centers. (Ex) cancer patients, relatives and surviving relatives will find low-threshold (psychosocial) support, contact with fellow sufferers, interpretation of quality of life and distraction. The study made a distinction between added value in the area of ​​contribution to the ‘positive health’ of visitors and broader social (financial) value creation in the area of ​​care and labor participation.

The research shows that IPSO walk-in houses create financial and social value through cost savings in the field of care and economic benefits in relation to labor participation. The research also shows that IPSO walk-in houses contribute to a greater degree of social participation (less loneliness), an improved quality of life and an improved mental well-being of the visitors. These are important outcomes in view of policy objectives (both national and local) in the area of ​​participation and welfare.

You can read the entire report here.

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