Navigating Financial Trends for Effective Social Planning

To set the stage, HelpSeeker is an organization that provides data-driven solutions for social impact leaders on the frontlines of addressing complex societal challenges. They have an impressive network of over 100 partners in small and medium-sized cities across Canada. The presentation was given by several leaders from HelpSeeker and The Sector, their consulting arm focused on social finance.


Understanding Funding Flows and Importance of Data

  • 130+ social finance intermediaries in Canada managing over $1 billion in assets for impact investing. Significant investor and foundation interest exists.
  • Efficient resource allocation, collaboration, sustainability focus, adaptability, and impact measurement enable positive systems change. Data-driven decision making is critical.

Systems Change Landscape

  • Systems change requires evolution across all stakeholders including investors, government, communities, nonprofits. Involves disrupting equilibrium and developing collaborative solutions.
  • Risks include misaligned asset classes, sporadic component growth, ecosystem delays. Power devolution needed.

Aligning Investment Portfolios

  • Portfolios must balance social impact, sustainability, and mitigate systemic inequity risks. Asset classes, place-based impact, thematics, measurement, and governance must align.

Evolution of SPOs

  • SPOs evolving into systems planner organizations. Building technical data analysis skills, focusing on specific challenges, and directing financial capital through social capital.