Emily de Leon, digital marketing consultant, website design, owner


Emily de Leon

Emily de Leon is a Digital Marketing Consultant and owner of True Ideas LLC located in Jacksonville, Florida. Since founding her business in early 2023, she has quickly established herself as a skilled website designer and digital marketer. She earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing with a Minor in Digital Marketing from University of North Florida. Emily’s creativity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled her to gain proficiency across all facets of digital marketing. Most notably, she has a flair for website design and optimization.

Emily’s specialties lie in crafting beautiful, high-performing websites for her clients. She finds great fulfillment in using her artistic talents to develop an online presence her clients can be proud of. Within her first year in business, Emily has already successfully on-boarded two delighted clients.

One of her first clients, The Sector, which aims to improve impact investing and social outcomes, has been an inspirational fit for Emily’s values. She admires companies who prioritize purpose alongside profits. Working with The Sector has motivated Emily to continue growing her business in an ethical, compassionate manner.

Though just starting out, Emily’s passion, skillset, and work ethic position her for an exciting career as a digital marketing leader. Her blend of creativity and analytical thinking serves her well in the fast-paced world of digital media.